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i was bored, so i decided to scare up a list of my ten favourite bands on the deep elm record label. i don’t know why i chose deep elm, maybe because it’s a small record label and consequently i’d have an easier time differentiating between the good and the not so good. like… i don’t think i could do this for warp – i mean, i could get my ten favourite warp artist, and i could say for definite who was my favourite, but i couldn’t really differentiate between the remaining nine enough to put them in order. and if we we’re gonna talk about a label like road runner or earache i just couldn’t fucking do it. but luckily there are some incredibly special bands on deep elm, and they are varied enough for me to comfortably separate, so yeah.


anyway, it’d be aces if you could prove me wrong here, wake me up to some bands i’ve been missing, or whatever. and some of the bands here i’ve only heard about half of their stuff, so i’m pretty much counting on you to let me know the other half sucks before i go out and buy it. okay, here we go.


10) surrounded. i am the only one of my friends that likes this band. i don’t know why, since safety in numbers is an ace album. of course, they aren’t as commercially viable as other bands on this label, but they are still pretty spectacular.


9) desert city soundtrack. i’ve only really known about this band for a month, after an internet friend pointed me in the direction of some downloads, but these guys are really good. contents of distraction is a bastard of an ep, really fucking good. you should buy it.


8) sounds like violence. okay, here’s the thing – if sounds like violence release an album as good as the pistol ep is, they’ll move to like second in this list. you give me heart attacks is one of the best songs i have ever heard ever. i fucking adore this band.


7) brandtson. brandtson aren’t precisely spectacular, but if we’re talking about the sheer number of songs, these guys deserve mention. it’s definitely worth yr while to seek out at least one of their albums (i recommend ‘fallen star collection’, but if you prefer it angrier ‘trying to figure each other out’ is the release you need) and definitely, definitely, buy ‘dead animals’ if you get a chance. that is a good song.


6) seven storey. get dividing by zero and you’ll be mad at me for not putting this band in the top five. fast, raw, emotional – one of the first deep elm bands i liked. these guys rule.


5) last days of april. incredible swedish angst right here. i love the piano’s and the harmonies. the gentlest band on deep elm, i think (although i could be wrong, that’s why i need yr help) these guys are just ace.


4) red animal war. every one of their albums is worth owning… and one day i’ll get round to doing it. lol. some of their shits fast, some of it’s slow, some of it’s sad, some of it’s happy. they do anger and introspection (sometimes on the same song) and just rule absolutely.


3) planes mistaken for stars. one of the coolest bands on planet earth, these guys are screaming, screeching noise at it’s finest. they write abrasive and gut churning songs that are finished in minutes. oh, and one of their songs features words by rush limbaud. awesome.


2) slowride. if i was gonna play a deep elm record to my mother, this would be it. this is the closest to pop punk a deep elm band gets. like, if sum 41 learned to play their instruments and stopped only caring about money, they’re next song might be worthy of a slowride b-side. they have album titles like ‘building a building’ and ‘as i survive the suicide bomber’ and are just completely ace. buy this. play it at yr next party.


1) camber. a friend of mine, who had never heard of post-hardcore, asked me to define it. i lent him ‘wake up and be happy’. what can i say about camber? only rival schools do it better. if you don’t like camber then you don’t like post-hardcore. simple.


talk to me, dudes… i need to know i’m not wrong about this…

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