Lolita (cherokee_red) wrote in deepelmrecords,

Ahoy from England

Hello there, I'm Lia, from the fine land of England.

Order of bands most adored: Brandston, Last Days of April, Benton Falls, Settlefish (nearly went to Italy to see them this Summer), Cross my Heart...and the rest for I fear this will turn into a myspace type list.

Claim to fame; my ex boyfriend's band played with Red Animal War.

My take on Fightstar is that I cannot forgive Charlie's Busted days.

More importantly, anyone else stranded on this island who wishes to accompany me to gigs; this would be very useful.

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Eyyyy. There's a surprising lack of Deep Elm fans in the UK, or at least around me, although I did randomly meet this guy who was into Logh last night which was weird.

You should definitely have gone to Italy to see Settlefish! They f*cking rule! I'm so in love with some of their songs :)